Peanut in December


I still can’t access my laptop and all the downloaded photos on it for my pending posts.

I’ve been searching my online photo sites to see what I can possibly blog about. 

Oh!  The latest Peanut photo that I forgot to share here.  How remiss of me.

If the photo looks edited, it is.  I’ve been fooling with some editing functions that I didn’t know Photobucket had.  This is fresco effect.  So fun!

Peanut is 8 months old here.  Soon, she’ll be 9.  Soon she’ll be a year old.  What’s not soon, is picking her up.  Not sure if I wrote here yet, but now it looks like May for travel. 


In trying to look for the upside, I’ve come up with one thus far.  Warmer weather = lighter luggage.  If anyone wants to chime in on any positive benefits to delayed travel time, go ahead. Please.

I’m all for ending International Adoption.  Babies should, if at all possible, stay in the country of their birth.  Makes total sense.  Limiting Exit Permits as a way to meet that goal?  Makes no sense. 

It makes absolutely no sense to me that we have a baby, a breathing, growing, ever-changing baby.  She’s ours, yet we have to wait 7 months to pick her up.

Instead of limiting Exit Permits, they should limit the number of matches.  If only 100 babies are allowed to leave the country, only make 100 matches that year!





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