What Happens To One’s Cyber Life?

I read an interesting article on NYT where the writer Rob Walker poses the question, what happens to one’s cyber life after death.  So many of us have a cyber presence. 

Take me for example.  I have this blog.  I no longer have Facebook, but I have photos on Photobucket and Flickr.  I participate on a couple of message boards, one of which I’ve been participating for 6 years.  If I were to keel over and die tomorrow, a) what will happen to these sites and my contents? and b) if anyone notices, how will they know what happened?

Mr. Walker mentions having a digital executor and some websites out there to preserve cyber afterlife.

 Let’s deal with “b” first.  Most of my readers know me in real life, so presumably, if I were to keel over and die, at least you won’t be left hanging.  I’ve certainly been there.  A few of my favorite food blogs have suddenly stopped updating a couple of years ago and I still check them periodically to see in vain hopes of some news.

Plus, D’s promised to log on here and update. 

As for one of the message board, one member reads this blog.  Hi, CK!  I know she’ll update the board.

My main concern is preserving the content of this blog.  After all, part of why I’m blogging is in order for my children to read in future of our lives.  I always picture Soso in her 30’s as a mother herself, reading these posts and being able to relate to me in a whole new way.  But if I keel over and die, what happens to the site and the content?

Even without sudden deaths, how do you keep online content indefinitely?  If I could just print these entries, I would start it right now. But having an interactive blogs with photos as an essential part of the story makes that hard.  Plus, I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now and I’ve got quite a lot of posts out there in the cyber world.

Cyber afterlife.  Something for all of us bloggers to ponder about.


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