Reality Check

As you know I’m participating on 365 Project.  I’ve been browsing some of the photos and I’m just amazed at how much talent is out there.  These are not all professional photographers.

Then, PW’s having a photo contest and the theme is “food”.  Since I take so many food photos, I thought I would enter a couple.  Not that I take photos good enough to be selected in her highlights.  But, there’s nothing like having one’s sad photos next to someone’s fabulous ones to humble you quick.

When I see so many “amateurs” that are so freaking good, it is easy to feel talentless.

I guess what really brings me down is that I know I’ll get better, but I’ll never be great.

I’m not being down upon myself.  I’m being real.  I know my own limitations.

If I could be granted a career I love, it wouldn’t be as a  CEO of a Fortune 500.  I don’t dream of being a scientist or a doctor or an inventor or the like.  In this fantasy world, I would love to be 1) writer, 2) singer, 3) chef and 4) photographer 5) fashion designer.  All kind of artsy. 

I guess we could all be frustrated artists.  All I know is that I’ve been given a drop of ability, just enough to whet my longing for more, but not enough to pursue any of them in a serious way.

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