8.365 Project – Snowy Bush

I won’t post my 365 photos for every day.  It would be too much work and unnecessarily redundant.  If anyone wants to follow, you can go on my 365Project or go on my Flickr.

I will only post the photos when I want to discuss them a little bit.

Take my Day 8 photo.

Day 8

I’m sure there’s gazillion things wrong with it, but I really like how it came out.


I took about 30 photos of the “snow” for 365.  This was the only shot that was OK. This project is not as easy as I naively thought. Oh, I’ll just take a photo a day and post!  Sucker.

As I mentioned in my downer post, there are some really talented people out on 365. I can’t just post whatever. As much as I’m not great, I need to post MY best. That means a ton of work.

I can understand why people stop. Even already great photographers, since they are trying to do better, too.

I guess that’s the beauty of 365 Project. No matter your skills, it does push you.

Hey, at least I’m being inspired again!


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