9.365 Project – Apples

Soso had a friend over for dinner last night.  Between that, making dinner and the usual, I forgot to take any photos.

9:00 PM, when I sit down to watch some Grey’s, is when I realize I have no photos for 365. I look at the step-by-step photos of the meat patties I made for dinner to see if any could be used. Nope.

9:15 PM. I’m scrambling for inspiration. I took photos of D. Boring. Sorry honey. I took about 40 shots of a snowman decoration.  I’m trying to use natural lighting and camera settings to avoid using flashlight.  Over exposed.  Under exposed.  Bad angle.  None of them worked.  I took a dozen photos of my ruby-red Dorothy shoes. I couldn’t get good focus for some reason. I take photos of some toys.  Blech.

Finally, I remember seeing some photos of fruits that looked nice and decide to try for myself.

9: 30PM and 50 shots later.

Day 9 - Apples

I’ve been lusting after a lens and I’m really starting to feel a need for it. I need a lens that’s going to allow me to do better close-ups.


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