Skiing in Mt. Snow

Mt. Snow is not for us.  Which is unfortunate since at 4 hours drive, it is the closest Vermont ski resort for us. 

I’ve only been to Mt. Snow 4 times, but  3 out of the 4 times have been kind of disasters.

Actually, perhaps the entire state of Vermont is not for us.  My one trip to a resort near Burlington was a disaster, too.  We D drove in blizzard conditions for about 10 hours.  His patience and fortitude was amazing. 

D points out, accurately, that he has had many wonderful trips to Vermont.  Just not since he’s met me.

Perhaps the curse is really upon me.

I know that it is Vermont in the winter.  Still, do we always have to travel in middle of a snowstorm or ski in one?  Or in frigid, icy conditions?

Take 2003.  The last time I skied before I became pregnant.  Part of the “disaster” was my own stupidity.  I’m not incredibly athletic.  I don’t have great balance.  I’ve never been able to skateboard successfully on a flat road.  But I decided to  snowboard for the first time.  On my first day.  No snowstorm, but icy, frigid conditions?  Check.

Dumb doesn’t begin to cover it.

Had I waited until my last day, the trip wouldn’t have been a total waste.  You can guess what happened, right?  I fell.  Many time.  Oh, so many times.  On ice.

Can you guess what happened the morning after?   I could barely move.  And the next morning.

Last year, we decide to go back to Mt. Snow.  Remember this?  This was a true disaster.  Plus, there was a snowstorm.  Plus, high wind.  Plus frigid conditions.

Which resulted in Soso’s all day lesson being useless. We got a credit for it, but in all honesty, I thought we would never use it.

I was wrong. D was all about using it even if it meant we were going for one night.

We were going to leave the day after Christmas, but guess what happened? You guessed it.   A snowstorm. We would have made it to Vermont, but we would have had a hard time coming back home.

D was determined to make it happen.  “Luckily” the inn had a room available on the 30th. We only had to pay $30 extra.  “Luckily” we could move Soso’s ski reservation, too. We decided to not ski ourselves and we would head for home right after Soso’s lesson.

The trip up was uneventful.  When we got to Vermont, we even saw pretty scenery.  If you’re familiar with the road up to Mt. Snow, there’s a stretch that’s surrounded by trees.  The photo doesn’t do justice, but it looked like a winter wonderland.  The trees were totally covered in snow and ice and looked so pretty!


We had an uneventful dinner. The Inn was nice. The next morning, we got to the resort only to find out that they couldn’t find Soso’s reservation. The only option? A 3PM private lesson where we had to pay an extra $30 for a lower mountain ticket for her.

Remember we had decided not to ski ourselves. So, what were we supposed to do the rest of the day? Soso’s all bundled up and ready to go. Plus, by 3:30, we were hoping to leave for home.

We were feeling so unlucky at this point. This is when my drama queen came out and I declared that a curse was upon us.

Fortunately, all was not lost. D got the brilliant idea to transfer the private lesson to a ski rental and lower mountain ticket for himself.

Who cares that he looked like a complete novice hick in his jeans?


It was a warm day. Honestly, too warm for really good skiing. But it was fine for learning on the bunny slopes.

I though I would be able to hang out in the lodge, but it was way too crowded. I took photos instead.


After practicing on the carpet lift, Soso was becoming a pro at making the “pizza” wedge.



They decided to go on a real lift for a slightly steeper and longer bunny. They were doing well at first.


Then Soso started picking up some speed.


She panicked.


Turned into D.




So fun! For me that is, being able to capture it all in my continuous speed mode.

Soso wanted to try again and the second run was much better!

It worked out, but I’m not likely to book another trip to Mt. Snow any time soon. I mean this trip cost us $300 and 10 hours of our lives. The experience was something we could have had closer and for far less money.


3 thoughts on “Skiing in Mt. Snow

  1. Wait – you were there in the 30th?! We were there, kids had lessons, I was around back and forth. Wish you had sent me a text or something…..

    1. We went up on the 30th, but the lesson was on the 31st. We didn’t see you so figured you guys were doing something else. It was actually too warm for real skiing and crazy crowded!

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