Wednesday Wish List

I’m constantly battling between my wants and needs.  I thought I needed a new MacBook.  It was seriously moving up to the #1 spot on my wish list.  Now that my laptop is virus free, the sense of urgency has disappeared and a new ‘need” is taking shape which used to only be a want.

All triggered by working on the 365 Project.  Even in two weeks, I have learned so much more about my camera and what kind of photos I like to take.  Plus, seeing all the fantastic photos posted everyday is making me want to do better.  I think I can do better with a 50mm lens instead of the 18 – 135 zoom that I have.

I’ve been debating between a 50mm f/1.4 versus a f/1.8.  I think after reading all the reviews asking advice from a few photogs, I’ve decided to save my money and get the more affordable f/1.8.

That is to save my money for the $1000 macro lens that I also want.  *gulp*  But that’s still in the ‘want’ category and not likely to move up to the ‘need’ category any time soon.

Only because there are other pressing needs that’s also photography related.  LOL!

So, my wish list from Christmas has changed slightly.

1. Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens  (Photo from Amazon)

2.  Adobe Photoshop

3.  Camera purse

4.  Dutch oven

5.  “Single cup” coffee maker – I think this will work better for me than Keurig.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List

  1. Can I have a link to the single-cup coffee maker pictured here?

    I couldn’t buy a macbook. I went to the store twice to look at it, and I couldn’t drop the money for one. I see the whole no-virus side of it, but I still can’t work my way around a mac the way I can around a windows-based computer. Do you think macs are user friendly? Why/why not?

    1. Hello Collective,

      This is it. But I’m pretty sure you can get it cheaper somewhere else.

      As for the whole MacBook, the price is hefty and now that I have a functioning laptop again, it is on the back burner. I want to get it eventually b/c I have some major virus issue about 1-2x a year and usually when it does happen, it is a huge PITA. I’m not used to Safari either, but you know I would be using it mostly for photos/blog/internet related things and I figure it can’t be that hard. Were I to use it for work purposes, I would think twice.

      Thanks for stopping by! When I get the coffee maker, I’ll write up a review for ya… I hope to get it this weekend. 🙂 -sb

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