Meal #4 – Dirty Rice

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably asking what happened to Meal #3.  Patience my friends.  The meals came out well and I want to give the write-up proper attention that I don’t currently have.

Meal #4 however was, in D’s own word, a disaster. This will be a quick write-up.


Can you tell from the photo why it was a disaster? I try to make it look as attractive as possible, but if you have a discerning eye and know anything about food, you should be able to tell.

{By the way, I was working on learning about the relationship between f stops, depth of field and bokeh last night. The above photos is my 365 Project, Day 16 photo. I know it ain’t pretty, but give me a pick-me-up and tell me you’re impressed with my bokeh. I won’t even care that it is a lie.}

D picked Dirty Rice of all thing. Something we’ve never eaten. Something I’ve never heard of prior to last night. Of course I was curious as to why or how he came upon this recipe. I wanted to cook something with sausage. I searched sausage and came up with this recipe.  Right.  Makes total sense. NOT.

I would have cooked the sausage with peppers and onions. Throw in some pasta or serve over rice. You know, make something I already know for a quick easy meal. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I like it when he tries out new recipes, just not when the results comes out mushy.

Oh yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, that was the problem. The rice was very mushy because D didn’t read the directions carefully enough.

The ingredients listed 5 cups of chicken broth. Instead of using 4 cups of it to cook the rice stove-top, he cooked the rice in the rice cooker. Then added 4 cups of broth to the already cooked rice, along with the other ingredients.

Was it edible? Yes. The flavoring was actually great. If only the rice hadn’t been mushy, this would have been another success story.  D says he feels the need to redeem himself.  If he does, I’ll post the recipe.

For now, if you care to try the recipe, check it out on the FoodNetwork.  I couldn’t tell why it was called ‘dirty’ rice. Even without the mush factor, I think this recipe results in pretty ‘clean’ looking rice. 

If you’re ignorant like me, check Wikipedia for a more thorough definition.  Essentially, Dirty Rice is a Cajun dish cooked with chicken liver or giblets which give the rice a brown or ‘dirty’ color.  I guess turkey sausage doesn’t have quite the same effect.


4 thoughts on “Meal #4 – Dirty Rice

  1. I’m LOLing at Ds rice mistake. I always thought it was the Cajun seasonings that made the rice “dirty”. I’d rather use sausage than giblets for sure!

    1. I was laughing so hard when I realized what happened… and I was grateful that the recipe was a non-traditional dirty rice recipe. I don’t eat giblet nor liver… blech.

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