Relaxing Weekend Except…

I dropped a ball.  It was bound to happen.  Even the best juggler has a dropping point, right?  It was one ball too many, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

11 AM on Sunday morning, I get a phone call from the religious education office.  Soso’s absent today and we just wanted to make sure everything’s OK.

Ugh.  Now I’m embarrassed and I feel like a total failure as a parent.  So much so that I will now attend the parent workshop tonight that I had planned on skipping.

Double Ugh.  I know, I should have a better attitude.  But it is cold here.  3°F this morning.  I think the temperature is going up by tonight, but 19°F is still pretty gosh darn cold!

Maybe the weekend was too relaxing.  I let my guard down. Moving on…

Soso had her swim lesson on Saturday and I tried to take photos again.  The ones from the other week was just so off in color.

See the difference?


The first time (right), I had the white balance on fluorescent light, which is the light in the pool room. This Saturday (left), I had the white balance on manual. I think the blue looks better, don’t you?


She’s learning to dive.


Then swim right away, freestyle for 25m.


Backstroke for another 25m.

18.365 White Balance

Breaststroke for 25m for a total of 75m.

The teacher says she’s ready for the swim team. I’m so gosh darn proud of my little fish. So freaking proud!

Especially, since I can’t swim 1/2 lap without getting out of breath.

The rest of the weekend, we tried to stay warm by staying indoors. Played some sword fighting game on Wii and now my right arm’s sore. Watched football. Read a book. Perfect except for the dropped ball.

Now I gotta brave the cold tonight.


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