Cruising Towards a Bruising

Peanut_2 12.21.10

D says that the other processed photo was creepy looking so here’s the untouched one.

No major news except we received the 9 month Well Baby Checkup (WBC). No new photos :(.

Good news, she is finally at 25% in weight. People look at her photos and think she’s a big baby, but she really isn’t. More good news, her gross motor skills have really increased since last month. She is…

Are you ready for it?

Here comes….

Walking holding onto furniture!  She’s cruising!!!

I, so remember that moment with Soso.  I was so super excited, thinking that she was going to be an early walker.  We waited 4 more months before she walked on her own!

Some other developments…

Picking up raisins with pincer movements!

Waves bye-bye, plays peek-a-boo and plays with a ball!

She says Mama/Dada, tho non-specific.

The check up also states that she’s now shy with strangers.

I have no idea where we are exactly in the pipeline.  I “think” our paperwork is at the Korean Embassy.  I still have no idea what that means in terms of timeframes.  We’re still working on the assumption that it is May, but there have been a ton of Exit Permits issued this month for September referrals.  Again, not sure what that means for us.

On a different note, I was at a meeting the other night moms from Soso’s school and a mom asked me how many kids I had.  I said one, but I’m wondering if I should start saying two?  By the time I see some of these people again, I will have two and it would probably raise less curiosity when they see me next with a toddler!



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