Wednesday Wish List – Kelly Moore Bag

I don’t mean to start a “Wednesday Wish List” thing, but it just so happens that I have another want. It doesn’t quite fall into a need category yet, but it is definitely in a really, really, really want category.

Now that I’m all into photography, I’m needing wanting all kinds of expensive things.  You know a couple of new lenses that total $1000, Photoshop Adobe that’s about $700 – $800.  D’s not exactly enthralled with my latest hobby. 

Well, add a new camera purse to that list.  What is a camera purse? Exactly what it says.  A purse that holds a camera.  It is stylish like a purse, but has the space and the padding needed to keep your camera and lenses safe.

I’ve been researching a lot and there are several popular brands out there like Ephinanie, JoTotes and Kelly Moore Bag.  There are some really pretty handmade ones on Etsy as well.

Why have I picked Kelly Moore?  My biggest reason is the functionality of her bags. Her bags have a lot of external pockets for all my non-camera related items.  Take the B-Hobo bag.  By the way this is the exact bag that I want, in teal.

You can’t really see it in the photo, but there are two side pockets for things like my cell phone.  There’s a back zipper pocket and two small front zipper pockets.  I like having things compartmentalized.

Now, to be fair, it is possible that the other brands have pockets, too.  It is harder to tell on their websites.  I love how Kelly’s site has a short video showcasing each of her bags.  I can really see how the bag looks and functions in the video.

In an ideal world, I would love to see all the bags physically side-by-side.  Since I have to rely on what’s visible online and all things being relatively equal, stylish and same price point, I’m going to go with the one with the best information.  Kelly Moore does an excellent job of that!

Now if only I can convince my husband, why a perfectly functioning camera bag isn’t good enough, I’ll be on my way to making this want a reality!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List – Kelly Moore Bag

  1. I am just sitting here, imaging D rolling his eyes…… 😀

    Now I have another good reason for not doing the 365 project – sounds like it gets expensive!!!

  2. well i went to the kelly moore website. i wanted to get the bag for you for your birthday. but….it’s kind of expensive. sorry!

    1. Aw…. you’re so sweet. Yeah, way expensive for a birthday gift unless you were like my rich suger mommy kind of a friend. 😀

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