To Ski or Not to Ski – Skiing with a 6 Year Old

That is the question this year.  Whether we ski as a family or whether we find another winter activity.  Perhaps showshoeing.

D and I ski.  Naturally, we put Soso on the slopes at the first opportunity when she was 4.5 years old.  We went a couple of time, she seemed to do OK.  The second season (last year) didn’t go as well.  She was timid and scared.

Since skiing isn’t an easy sport to learn between the expense, having to drive an hour to hours to get to a slope and the general hassle of dealing with cold weather, we don’t want to push a sport that Soso has no aptitude in or that she doesn’t like.

Well, Soso did pretty well at Mt. Snow.  So, we decided to put some real effort into teaching her this year.  After this season, she was either going to ski or we were going to quit as a family.  In that endeavor, we have gone two more time and headed again this weekend.

Soso (pink and white jacket) and I (light purple jacket) skiing down an easy trail in Campgaw.  We like that Campgaw had a carpet ride for the bunny, but there was only one short green trail.  It was fine for teaching Soso, but I don’t know if we would go back.

Hidden Valley only has the horrible tow rope for the bunny.  Thankfully, Soso was good enough to go straight to the easy green.  Hidden Valley only has the one green, but it is longer and has a little steeper hill that makes it more challenging.

As you can see, I was the teacher both times.  It would normally be D, but he decided not to do a seasonal rental.  Since it was a pain to do a daily rental, I took over the teaching and D enjoyed snowboarding for the first time in 8 years!

We were going to Catamount this week, my favorite ski resort where we got engaged, but we decided to cancel due to weather.  We’ll try Tuxedo on Saturday, weather cooperating.


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