What’s For Dinner, #1

I used to write-up the weekly dinner menu here, but I got tired of doing it.  Well, I was reading a blog last week where someone mentioned writing her weekly on an index card.  Now she has 52 index cards of weekly dinner ideas to look through for inspiration.

I usually write mine on a piece of paper which gets thrown at the end of the week. So, the blog will be my version of index cards.

S – Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs w/salad. 

I used a can of whole San Marzano tomatoes and a can of crushed tomatoes.  I cooked it the usual way with some crushed garlic, onion, basil.  Once everything has gotten soft, I took my stick blender and blended for a minute to get the sauce smooth.  I used to always discard the garlic and onion… it is what my father-in-law does, but I really liked the sauce with the cooked garlic and onion blended in.  I had enough meatballs left-over to freeze and enough sauce to use for the pizza and the tortellini this week.

M – Turkey Hotdogs w/salad

T – Veggie Pizza w/ready-made dough

W – Tortellini w/roasted broccoli

T – leftover hotdogs/veggie pizza/tortellini

F – Teriyaki Salmon and steamed rice w/ stir-fry veg

S – Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap


4 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner, #1

  1. I know it sounds silly, but I’m trying Steamy Kitchen’s Longevity noodles tonight! No reason we Irish folk shouldn’t celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!! (And yes, I know I’m a day or two early, but I needed dinner for tonight!)

    1. The actual recipe with chinese broccoli? Where did you find it? I have to go to an Asian market for those… let me know how it turns out! I totally forgot about New Years… hm, may be I’ll make a noodle dish for Thursday instead of just eating lefto-overs.

  2. Actually the one for long-life fertility noodles and happy shrimp. Though don’t read anything into the fertility part… 😀

    1. OK, that makes more sense. I didn’t think you guys were big beef eaters! I make a similar dish, with thin spaghetti and shrimp but using a sesame/ginger marinade. So yum! I love shrimp. 🙂

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