23.365 Project – Snowy Trees


Last Thursday, we woke up to another big snow fall.  I don’t know the official measurement, but we must have gotten at least 15 inches.

So much snow that this huge bush got crushed the weight.  This is the same bush from my Day 8.


I took the opportunity to try more snow photography for my 365 Project. Here’s a shot that didn’t work out.


This is our rail. The snow had jutted out past the rail and froze in a really cool way, but I just couldn’t capture it.


Soso and I walked around looking for inspiration.


Well, I walked. She was pretending to go downhill on the sled.


Until we got a to a sidewalk that was shoveled.



I tried a few shots of this statue that’s near our neighborhood

Day 23 - Snowy Trees

In the end I settled on this photo from right outside my house. I thought it looked pretty, as if I lived on a street surrounded by trees. A winter wonderland.


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