Skiing at Tuxedo Ridge, NY

We went skiing again Saturday.  I didn’t want to go because I was still sore from all the shoveling.  I’m glad we went.  It turned out to be a pretty perfect day for skiing and we had the best experience thus far this season.

Tuxedo Ridge is another small “local” ski resort located in Orange County New York.  We got there in 1 hour, a little longer than Hidden Valley, but it was a much nicer resort. Like Hidden and Campgaw, there is only one green trail. But it is wide and well groomed.

Soso and I getting off a lift.

Coming down the green trail.

We ran into one of D’s college friend who lives 10 minutes away.  His 7-year-old is in a ski club and his 5 year old snowboards.  The friend said that one of the blue was pretty easy.

After warming up on the green, D check out the blue trail.  There was one part that was steep, but he thought Soso could do most of the trail.


We’re on the Alley Cat lift for the blue trail.


Right before the “steep” part.



Some still shots of us coming down the steep part.

Sorry the second video is a little shaky in the beginning. This is Soso and D coming down the blue trail. We stayed on the blue for the rest of the day. Soso went down 7 times. I can’t believe my baby went down a blue trail!!!

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