How Does Pollock Taste?

I didn’t have a recipe for the pollock so, I winged it. Not that a good recipe would have made a difference. Better planning would have made the difference.

I brushed the fish lightly with some olive oil, sprinkled some salt and pepper and squeezed some lime juice. Then I coated the first with some bread crumbs to bake.  Very basic, safe way to cook fish. I took some photos so I could post here.

Then I realized that I didn’t really know what I was making for starch. Rice? Pasta? I was running late as usual and got distracted with my starch.

This is the result.



It tasted fine aside from the burnt part. But, obviously it doesn’t make for a good photo unless I’m depicting a FAIL.

I’m not going to bother writing this up as a recipe. Let’s just say I will be working on a better pollock recipe to present in the near future.

I am happy to note that pollock tastes good. I’m always scared that a wild caught fish will taste too fishy. In fact, I was surprised at how closely it resembled cod in texture and flavor. Mild, not too fishy with nice big flakes. I don’t remember ever eating pollock before, but I must have. Apparently it is commonly used in frozen fish sticks which I used to love until I found out how unhealthy they were. Next time, I may try the fish taco recipe or make a healthier version of a fish stick.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t given pollock a try, go for it!  Don’t let this picture discourage you.  I had it under the broiler just a little too long.


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