Girl Scout Cookies Are Here!

Sorry, that’s false advertisement.  We’re just taking orders.

And if you call now, for the next 30 minutes, you will get two boxes for the price of one!

31.365 Making Sales

Our operator is standing by ready to take your order.

I’m kidding. It is 10 PM and she’s in bed.

I’m also kidding about the two for one offer.

Plus, Soso’s reached her goal. I’m not looking to add more sales, which would mean more boxes to deliver. Which would mean more work for me.

Although Soso is capable of helping so much more this year than last.


Look at the focus on her face. After the sales call from her Zizi, she was adding up the order.


It was a great opportunity to apply math to real life situation. 2 boxes for $4 per box is how much?

So, we’re not aiming very high, just 25 boxes to earn a patch. Which we met easily thanks to all our family and friends. If we pushed just a little, we probably could have reached the next goal of 100. But, I’m one of the cookie mom this year. We’re in charge of collecting and distributing all the cookies that our troop sells to our girls. Plus, collecting money, etc. ‘Nuff said.

But if you want a box of Girl Scout Cookies and somehow missed all the sales that have started everywhere else months ago and you really must have some Thin Mints or Tagalongs, than I Soso maybe persuaded to sell you a box.


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