Walk in the Park

I just wanted to share some photos of a recent walk in the park.  The snow was still pretty and for the most part white.


Ostensibly, I was taking photos for the 365 project, but D insisted that I take a photo of him and his daughter.


This bridge was added relatively recently. It makes the loop around an ornamental pond truly a loop.  Before this bridge, you couldn’t actually finish a loop.  I always thought it was strange they didn’t think to add this sooner.  I have a beautiful shot of this bridge in the spring time with the trees covered in flowers.


The frozen pond. On warmer days, it is full of ducks and geese.


I thought about making this one of my 365 photos.

33.365 Thawing

I went with this one instead (33.365). I thought it came out well, but no comments thus far. Sometimes, it is hard to know whether I’m doing OK, improving or if I need to stick to taking casual family photos. I could ask for critiques. The other 365 members are pretty nice and will give constructive criticisms, but they are all so much more talented. I’m too intimidated to ask yet.

I’m starting to run out of ideas for my 365 project.  It really is quite the challenge to come up with something day after day.

I think I need to take more walks.


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