Early Valentine’s Surprise

I should have suspected something when Soso kept coming into the bathroom asking me when I was coming down for breakfast, but I didn’t.

D and I have stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day a long time ago.  I’ve actually told him to stop buying me roses after he spent a small fortune on a dozen long stem roses one year and they died after two days.  I’m kind of practical that way.

When I came downstairs and saw this…


It actually brought tears to my eyes.


Pancakes with blueberries and strawberries.


This one looked a little like a creepy face, but it tasted delicious.

40.365 Mellow Yellow

Soso picked the rose. (This photo is my 40th 365 Project photo… it was between this and the pancake.)


She wrote this note.

There was also a gift. I thought it was chocolate from my favorite chocolatier.


Never would I have guessed in a million years… I guess D does pay attention to me.

He even made me coffee.

Love you D and S, my favorite cowboy and cowgirl!  This was the best (early) Valentine’s Day ever!


7 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Surprise

  1. Oh my!!! That was so wonderfully sweet!!!! Such love!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    (PS – From your menu, I see you’ve passed on the heart-shaped pizza from Tonys. 😀 My boys have, of course, one on order!!)

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