What’s For Dinner, #4

A new and very large H-Mart (Korean supermarket) recently opened near us.  So exciting!  Now the drive to get Korean goodies can take as little as 25 minutes.  More importantly, I can do the drive myself!  No scary highways where I can get lost.  D still doesn’t believe in a GPS.

We went shopping yesterday so what’s for dinner this week?  A bunch of Korean/Asian meals, that’s what!  Yay for me and Soso.  I am putting in a noodle dish in case D starts having Italian withdrawals.

What’s the ‘healthy’ food item for this week?  Red dandelions.  They looked so pretty and fresh, I had to buy them.  Plus a bunch of other standards like bok choy, mushrooms, grey squash, etc.

This H-Mart also has an amazing array of fresh wild caught fish direct from a supplier in Fulton Fish Market, which is THE place to get the fish in NYC area.  When I was in highschool, we made a school trip there.  We left around 3 AM because the market opens at the crack of dawn.

I wish I could have taken a photo of the seafood section, but no photos allowed.  There are fish fillets and  whole fish that the store will clean for you.  Live lobsters, crabs, clams, conchs… just an amazing sight.  There was a sample station serving chilean sea bass that was really yummy.  I had already ordered  tuna steaks because the price was price so good.  Next time!

Anyway, dinner for this week:

S – pan seared tuna steaks in “Asian” marinadestir-fried bok choy, steamed rice

M – bibimbap, broccoli namul, fried dumplings

T – udon noodle soup, pa jun (scallion pancakes), bok choy

W – Lemon Ginger Noodles with Mushroom and fried tofu (instead of the shrimp), dandelions (not sure how I’ll make it yet)

T – left-overs (hopefully, otherwise, potato leek soup I made on Sat and froze with salad)

F – potato and squash stew, Korean style, steamed rice, string beans in garlic sauce

S – left-overs

So, what’s for dinner in your house?


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