48.365 Project – Desperation

48.365 Desperation

This was taken on Monday night. After taking photos after photos of various things and realizing yet again at !10PM that I had nothing great, I tried using this monster finger puppet as a prop.

The photos came out blurry, unfocused, over-exposed, boring, you name it. Finally, I gave up and went to bed.

Yesterday, I downloaded my photos and this one just made me laugh. I clearly shows how desperate I was getting!

So, not a great photos, but it gave me a giggle and maybe to someone else?


3 thoughts on “48.365 Project – Desperation

  1. Not sure why you say its not a great photo. it’s funny! And it made you laugh! That COUNTS!!!

    Maybe instead of worrying about becoming a better photographer, just take a few days to have a little fun. Try to find things to photograph that make you smile or laugh or feel happy. Maybe that will help you through this rough patch until you feel inspired again. Just an idea 🙂

    1. Well you know the setup could have been better, but you’re right. It made me laugh and that does count for something. I just hit my 50 milestone yesterday so I trudge on. You know me, I have to reach a crisis point before I can find balance. 🙂

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