What’s for Dinner, #5

Fish Francaise with Linguini

Except for tonight’s meal, this is going to be “easy meals” week. I have a lot of commitments, including a school event I’m co-chairing and a talk for Pre-Cana.

Pre-Cana has been a relatively easy, albeit an all day, commitment.  This year, D’s volunteered us to give the “Family” talk. We’ve been going through 10 years worth of memories and photos and trying to condense it all into a 20 minute talk. We got through the photos for our slides. We still have to work on our talk.

Um, have I mentioned that I hate public speaking? I’m hoping that I can stand there looking pretty and D will do most of the talking.

Anyway, that’s why there’s only one “real” cooking for this week. Oh, and this will explain why I’ll be pretty quiet this week.  Except for moaning or cursing about this talk.

I want to talk about tonight’s dinner for a minute. I don’t know how everyone else comes up with dinner ideas.  I get inspired by recipes or by ingredient.  But sometimes?  I’m forced to cook something because I really need to use ‘X’ item… you know getting old.

Tonight’s dinner, believe it or not, came about because I had tilapia that had to be cooked and too many lemons in the fridge. Versus you know, if I didn’t have too many lemons. Then, who knows that kind of fish I would have made.

However, it was a great opportunity to take a better photo of Fish Francaise.  The old one didn’t show the actual fish!

After I had my dinner, I asked myself why I hadn’t made this since October 2009.  It is so yummy.  Then I saw this while cleaning up and realized why.


See all the oil splatter? The entire stove… plus the hood filters. I don’t know if I’m a messy cook or what, but it took me 30 minutes to clean up. Too tiring!

But if you’re a clean cook or don’t mind cleaning all the oil splatter, this is a really nice way to cook tilapia.

Fish Francaise

S – Fish Francaise w/linguine and green beans

M – Veggie Burgers w/sweet potato fries and sautéed spinach

T – Potato Leek Soup (made and frozen last week) and salad

W – Left over fish

T – Tofu stir-fry w/rice, broccoli namul

F – Broccoli Leek Soup and salad

S – Take out


3 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner, #5

  1. THAT looks scrumptious! And your week’s menu looks wonderful.

    One of the church member’s asked my husband last night, “Kevin, your wife is such a great cook, how do you stay so slim?”, and my hubby quipped,”Well, I get fed every Sunday!” That is to say, I don’t do a good job feeding my family as well as you do. 😦

  2. Enjoying your weekly menus very much. I have a confession, my stove looks like yours (post tilapia) at least 4 nights a week! I must be a messy cook.

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