365 Project, the A B C’s

I needed an inspiration for my 365 project.  I decided find inspiration through the alphabet.

51.365 A is for Apple

A is for Apple. Soso and I had a lot of fun with this, mostly because as you can see she couldn’t keep the apple on top which made her laugh, which made me laugh.

52.354 B is for Books

B is for Books, little Dr. Seuss notebooks to be precise that we’re giving to each student for Dr. Seuss Night along with a multi-color pen.

C is for Color

C is for Color… by the fistful.

Fish Francaise with Linguini

D is for Dinner. The Fish Francaise… which by the way, I enjoyed very much for lunch as well. I’ll have to invest in a good splatter cover. This fish is too good to eat only once a year!

55.365 E is for Eggs

E is for Eggs… colorful Easter eggs.

That’s all I got to thus far. Tomorrow is F. F is for…Fly? Feather? I have none of these and I can’t think of any other F right now. Hopefully I’ll come up with something by tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “365 Project, the A B C’s

  1. Looks like you found your inspiration! Great idea and I like the photos alot. and it looks like you’re having a little more fun with it. At least I hope so!!!

    1. Aw, thanks. The apple one was fun. The egg… that was just ridiculous with me on my belly, lol. It is giving me something to focus on every day and that’s always a positive!

    1. Believe it or not, it is my black kitchen table and a piece of cardboard overhead to block out the reflections. I find myself doing all kinds of ridiculous things to get my shots! Thanks Ru!

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