March Madness

If you got to this site thinking I was going to talk about college basketball, you’re in the wrong place.

I wish I was going to talk about basketball.  No.  I’m going to talk about how crazy this month is going to be.  One craziness that’s been occupying my mind (Dr. Seuss Night) will soon be over tomorrow night.  Why I thought I could chair a school event is beyond me at this point.  I must have gotten touched by the supermom syndrome.

The real stress of this moment is the Pre-Cana talk.  I had to write the talk up, as if I were writing an essay. Gosh, it gave me bad flashbacks of college over-nighters.  D kind of slashed and burned through what I wrote.  I’m hoping the results will be a usable script for us.  Otherwise, we’re going to look like idiots with a bunch of pictures sliding behind us.  Maybe cute photos of Soso will excuse… parents of such an adorable child can’t be completely hopeless.  Right?  Right???

Then, we’ve got the usual, swim, birthday parties, piano… the list goes on.  We were going to fit in one more ski and well, that’s out the window.  We have a farewell party for a friend and I have to bring tapas, enough for like 30 people.  I’ve got dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments.  Ohmigosh, I totally forgot to schedule Soso’s annual checkup.

Oh and the biggest event is Soso’s birthday.  I have a place booked, but the invitations have to go out soon and all the other stuff that goes with having a party.

At some point at the end of this month or beginning of April, the Girl Scout cookies are in and they will have to be distributed.

Another Oh!  Lent is starting next week and we’re going to give up meat again, and that’s just whole new level of meal planning that I’m not ready for.

Calgon take me away…

No joke, current song playing on my Pandora… Panic by The Smiths. 

I wonder to myself   Could life ever be sane again?


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