Weekend Update: Dr. Seuss Night and Pre-Cana

Now for the weekend update…

Dr. Seuss Night

Dr. Seuss Night went well. We did minimal decorating, but I thought it was enough. Perhaps next year we can add a few more props.

Dr. Seuss Night_2

Cat in the Hat greeted the children.

Dr. Seuss Night_3

The magician, Ken Northridge was a hit. I would totally recommend for school functions as well as birthdays.

Dr. Seuss Night_4

In fact the kids were enthralled.

Dr. Seuss Night_5

Storytime, at least in Soso’s class, went well. We were one of the last class to be finished so the nicest part of the evening? When I got out, the other co-chairs had put away all the decorations! Not that they read this blog, but thank you ladies!

Remember, I still had to finish preparing for Pre-Cana. When I got home, D had re-ordered all the photos and revised the talk one more time. Saturday morning, while Soso had her swim lesson, I was practicing my talk. Note to others… an indoor pool is a great place to talk out loud and not get heard. I’m sure some people were wondering why I was walking back and forth, looking like I was talking to myself. Whatever.

I know y’all are waiting with bated breath to hear how it went. Not really? Well, too bad, I’m telling you anyway. It went well! Aside from a minor technical glitch where the remote to flick photos didn’t work and one of us had to stand by the laptop. We’ll have to work that out for next year.

NEXT YEAR! See, what I mean? It must have gone well for me to talk about next year. Going into it, I was cursing D out under my breath. I can’t believe ‘bleep’ D ‘bleep’ volunteered us for this ‘bleep’ talk.

I ran into one bride in the bathroom and she said she really enjoyed our talk. A few more couples came up to us afterwards to say that we did a good job. We knew the talk wasn’t horrible when we got a few chuckles, but those feedbacks really reassured me.

Soso became a minor celebrity! She was hanging out with my Dad so she wasn’t at Pre-Cana. When we brought her to the Mass for the couples and they were like, “Oh, that’s the famous Soso!” Some of the brides were so cute actually because they were so happy to see her. And they remembered her name! We had only mentioned it once or twice.

Now aside from the minor stuffs, I have just the birthday party to plan. My friend (Baker Mom) is having Boy C’s at Bounce U and I’m so jealous!!! I thought of it, too, but I didn’t think most people would come because nearest ones are so far. She was smarter and actually asked a few parents. I wish I had done the same. Oh well.

We’re having a pool party and I know the kids will have a great time. I think the Bounce U was more for me because I had so much fun on the slides. *blushing* The only downside to the pool is that there’s a maximum of 20 kids. Between the girls in class and Daisy girls, I’m all capped out. It will be an all girl’s party, maybe not a bad thing since boys are more rambunctious. But I was hoping to invite the entire class since Soso seems to hang out mostly with this one boy, let’s call him Boy J.

Anyway, all around positive experiences this weekend and a huge load off my shoulders.


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