What’s for Dinner, #7

Well, it is Lent time and I’ll be trying to cook mostly vegetarian these 40 days.  It’s always a challenge to come up with different protein options so I will allow for some seafood on Sundays.  Sundays, technically, is a day of rest and not part of the 40 days anyway.

S – spaghetti al limone w/shrimp scampi, baby arugula salad

M – daal cooked in slow cooker w/naan (cooked on stove up and  made it on Sunday)

T – quinoa salad w/pan-fried tofu

W – leftovers

T – leftovers

F – veggie pizza w/salad

S – leftovers

OK, so what’s your menu for the week, anyone, anyone?


One thought on “What’s for Dinner, #7

  1. Wow, it is amazing that you have it all planned out for the week. I need to get on the organization train. We eat really healthy at our house, but I need to get more organized. Thanks for posting.

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