My Mom


This is my Mom. This was taken October 2009. It doesn’t seem that long ago when she and Soso played an impromtu dressup.


This is my Mom and Dad. This was taken in June 2010. Also doesn’t seem that long ago because 9 months isn’t all that long ago.

Well, my Mom’s really sick. She’s been really weak after a surgery and yesterday she was hospitalized for dehydration and she was severely anemic. They took a CT scan today of her chest while at the hospital as a follow-up for something that showed up on an pre-op x-ray a month ago.

So, today which is almost 9 months ago from the day when my Mom seemed still so vibrant, when we happily celebrated Soso’s graduation from Kindergarten, today, my Mom’s been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Things don’t look good. They don’t look good at all and so I’m here asking for any extra prayers for my Mom.

Thank you.


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