7th Birthday Letter

My Dearest Soso,

You are starting your 7th year and we, as a family face many changes ahead.

Foremost on my mind is the news of my mom, your Nana.  She is not well.  It breaks my heart to know that there is a near future for you that’s full of sadness.  I didn’t know that kind of sadness at your age.  I feel helpless when I hear you pray for Nana to get well so she won’t have to go to heaven yet.

I can’t change the future, but I can change the now.  I’m making plans for us to spend some time with Nana.  I think this is the greatest gift I can give to all of us, time to make memories that we can hold onto to comfort us in the future.

Nana, too will be comforted in seeing you.  Watching you grow these past 7 years, experiencing the little joys of childhood through your eyes, seeing all that you’ve accomplished already, skiing, swimming, playing the piano, and being such a bright star in our lives has really enriched her own life.  Your accomplishments are her accomplishments and she’s proud to have you as her grand-daughter.

I always like to think of life as in balance, a ying to a yang.  So, as we’re faced with great sadness, we’re also faced with great joy.  Your baby sister will join us soon and the next time I write your birthday letter, I’m sure it will be of how wonderful a big sister you’ve been.

You’re such a good, kind and generous kid.  I know that you are going to be patient and loving to your sister as she transitions into our family.  You’re going to be a great help to her and to me as well.  Already you talk about helping me feed her, change her diaper and read to her.  You’ve even offered to babysit free of charge when you’re older.  I’ll make sure to remember that in a few years!  You’re such a giving person and I love that about you.

Let’s go over some stats.  I don’t have the official measurements, but you are 46 inches and 46 pounds.  You’re 11.5 in shoes, 6 in pants and 6/7 in shirts.  It doesn’t seem like you’ve grown much since last year, but you really have.  I had to roll up size 6 for you, and now you fit them perfectly!

This past year was the year of accomplishments.  I’ve never been more proud of you and all that you have achieved.  Last year, you had just started piano.  This year, you’re playing simple two-handed songs.  Last year, you were still timid going down a bunny slope.  This year, you got off the lifts by yourself and skied down a blue trail.  This past month you’ve learned the butterfly stroke and you’ve learned to dive head first into the pool.

Your reading and comprehension level has sky rocketed.  I can’t believe that you’re reading Little House on the Prairie level books!  You write the cutest little short stories and I have saved every one.  You devour books the way I used to as a kid and I just love seeing a piece of me in you.

I’m most proud of your perseverance.  You persevere in spite of frustrations, fears and tears.  In that you are very much like Nana.  Nana was a small person with limited physical strengths.  She faced many challenges, especially after she came to the U.S.  Yet, her thirst for knowledge, her constant effort to improve and challenge herself, and just plain perseverance, she lived like a giant.  I was surprised to note one day that I was actually taller than her. 

You are courageous, too like Nana.  As a parent, I worry over any pain you may experience.  If I could, I would take on the minutest hurt for you.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Some experiences are just part of life so I take great comfort in seeing so much of Nana in you.

I love you so much.  I can’t say it enough.  The love I feel for you, it can’t even be described with mere words.  It is a love that you can only feel.  It is a trembling and swelling of my heart every time I look at you.  It is the softness and warmth of your skin as I press my cheek to yours.  It is light and airy like your eyelashes as they brush against my face.  It is tight and fierce like the hug you give me.  It is the deep comfort I feel listening to you and Daddy chat in the next room.  It is the peace and calm of you sleeping.

Happy 7th birthday to my dearest girl, who fills my heart so completely. 




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