Heart Broken Over Broken Hearts

I haven’t had the energy, the mood or the time to cook much these days.  I asked Soso to pick something to bring to school for her birthday that would not involve me baking.  She picked brownies. 

But I would have to bake the brownies honey. 

You can buy them at the store, Mommy.

Well, that got my creative juices and motivation going.  Store-bought brownies, in my opinion, are the worst.  I can live with store-bought cakes, cupcakes, pies, even muffins, but I have yet to taste a half-way decent store-bought brownies.  Oh, the horror.

Then, I remembered the most adorable, really there’s no other word for it, perhaps darling, brownies I had ever seen.  It was the day after Valentine’s Day and I remember thinking what a shame that I’ll have to wait a whole year to make them.

White and dark hearted brownies from Smitten Kitchen are seriously beyond cute.  And I’m not really a cutesy gal.  Go ahead.  Click on the link.  I’ll wait.  *drum drum drum*  Am I right?  Adorable, darling, cute level factor equivalent of say baby feet.  Immediate urges to gobble them up. *shrug* Or maybe that’s just me.

The instructions were simple enough and I had the 1 inch heart-shaped cookie cutter.  I had to make these for Soso’s birthday.  She would love them.  She would be so excited and you know me, I live to make my daughter happy.

Everything came out perfect until I started cutting the brownies.  I needed 2×2 squares.  I took out my ruler and saw to my utter dismay that the brownie was not a true 8×8.  It was a 7.5 x 7.5.  If I trimmed the sides a bit to remove the hard parts, a 7 x 7.  No way was I going to get the minimum 20 squares I needed for school.  I tried a smaller square and the result was a broken heart.


It was 9 PM last night and I was lost.  I finally cut the dark and white brownies into small and medium rectangles.  I put a small piece on top of the medium piece, alternating the colors.  Then I realized that I only had regular toothpicks for inserts.  I almost went out to the supermarket last night to get the more festive toothpicks, but there was snow on the car (yes, we had snow the past two days!).  I was too tired to clean it up.

If you saw me running around like a mad person at the local A&P or saw me parked outside the school inserting toothpicks into brownies, now you know why.


I had enough brownies to make one white hearted brownie for Soso.  The irony in all this and why D asserts that I’m crazy – Soso would have been just as happy serving and eating store bought brownies.


By the way, Deb from Smitten mentioned that it was important to get a decent quality white chocolate. This was the best I could find in my local supermarket. I found it a little too sweet. When I make these again, and I promise you I will, I plan on reducing the sugar. Maybe leave out the 2 extra tablespoon worth.

If anyone has tips for me or explanation as to why my supposed 8 x 8 resulted in a smaller size, please, please let me know!


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