On Vacation or Why I Won’t Be Posting Much

Not really. I don’t think going to take care of my really sick mom and potentially saying good-bye to her really counts as a vacation. In Kansas no less. Maybe if the location was at least Hawaii or somewhere equally beautiful and exotic.

But nope. I’m going to Kansas, a state that’s practically in middle of this country, to a tiny town that’s in middle of Kansas and in middle of nowhere. 2.5 – 3 hours drive from the airport. 30 minutes from the nearest Walmart.

The funny part to this not-so-funny situation is that this will be my third time in Kansas. I’m not from Kansas. I didn’t go to school in Kansas. No offense to people of Kansas and my best friend, but Kansas is really not a destination point. I’ve been to Kansas twice because of my best friend. Now I’m going to Kansas because my brother happen to get into a residency program there and now works there and my mom started visiting him during the winter months for the last few years and winded up getting really, really sick there. I may visit Kansas one more time. Who know, perhaps in the end, I will wind up moving to Kansas.

Because you know. Of all the states I’ve never been and there are so many of them, I can’t say I’ve never been to Kansas, a state that’s really got nothing to recommend it except that the people are really nice. I can even boast that I’ve been to Kansas three! times!! So, I find that extremely funny in this not-so-funny situation.

Anyway, all this to say, I’ll be in Kansas until next week. I have no idea if I’ll be able to post much as I won’t have laptop. Hopefully my brother has one that I can use, because writing on this blog and taking my photo a day is about all that’s keeping my head from exploding from all of this.


2 thoughts on “On Vacation or Why I Won’t Be Posting Much

    1. MI – myocardial infarction? You’re such a doctor geek. You couldn’t just say you would have a heart attack, huh? Thanks for the laugh though.

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