What’s for Dinner, #9 – Meals for the Sick and Ailing

And really the half-starved.  Literally.

My mom is sick and she most likely, 99.9% certainty, has lung cancer that’s spread to both lungs.  But her current, most pressing medical problem stems due to an unrelated surgery she had 1.5 month ago.  She wasn’t recovering well, she had no energy, she had no appetite, she basically stopped eating and drinking beyond the bare minimum.  Which made her weaker, which made her eat and drink even less.

My mom’s normal weight is around 110 – 115.  When she was last weighed, she was 83 pounds.  Now you can see why she’s so freaking weak.  Her body is near starved.  My brother keeps telling me to be prepared for a great change in her physicial conditions and I keep picturing a famine victim.  You know what, I’ll bet that I’m not that far off.

My goal for the week I’m in Kansas is to cook and cook and cook.  I’m going to make a bunch of easily digestable and nutritious soups to try and add some weight back into her.  I hope to leave the freezer fully stocked of said soups for her to eat when I’m gone.  I’ll probably make some additional soft foods that are easy to swallow, that I can easily feed her.

So, in no particular order:

Chicken soup w/quinoa

Lentil soup

Minestrone soup

Broccoli Potato Leek Soup

Soft meatballs w/pastina

Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes

Ground beef stir-fry

Chicken stew

Poached salmon

I’m hoping that my mom will have gained some weight when I leave.  I’ll take a pound.  Two would be better.

If anyone has ideas for food for the sick and ailing, I welcome any suggestions.


One thought on “What’s for Dinner, #9 – Meals for the Sick and Ailing

  1. That sounds like a good, nutritious list of foods for her. We’ll be thinking of you and praying for all of you this week. ❤

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