Miss Kim Lilac, I Hope I Don’t Kill Her!

Korean Kim Lilac

My friend sent Miss Kim to me in honor of my mom. How appropriate since my mom loved plants. Except that I’m a known plant killer. I couldn’t keep even bamboo shoots alive and they are pretty low maintenance. I don’t mean to kill them. I just happen to have black thumbs.

In fact, the last time I saw my mom in September, she took my dying plant to nurse back into health and gave me a new healthy one. She was ever the optimist.

99.365 Budding Flower

I’ve never heard of Miss Kim Lilac until I received it. Then again, I know next to nothing about plants so that’s not saying much.  An American horticulturist stationed in Korea brought back some seeds in 1947.  Since then, it’s become a popular plant for home gardeners, especially out in Midwest. It is more compact than the unruly French lilac and it is more disease resistant.

I was going to keep it as a house plant, but since I tend to kill my house plants, I’m going to plant this outside. I think it stands a better chance outside with the elements than inside! That’s kind of sad, huh? If only my mom was around. Miss Kim would have been safe in her hands. You can even take cuts from the shrub and grow new ones. Something my mom excelled in. Alas Miss Kim’s stuck with me. I hope I don’t kill her. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Miss Kim Lilac, I Hope I Don’t Kill Her!

  1. you wont believe it, but when i went back to the flowers.com website, the miss kim korean lilac does not seem to exist. well i almost got you bamboo, because i thought it would be easy…glad i didnt!!
    good luck. it looks pretty.

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