Not Ready For Travel Call

You know that saying when it rains it pours?  Not that this is a bad news, but man I’m so not ready for it!

Peanut’s Visa Physical was on 4/13.  Which means that we could be getting the travel call any day now.  Which means that I need to get my booty moving pronto and fast.

I’m surprised at how unprepared I am considering that I’ve been impatiently waiting for this day ever since acceptance at end of October.  So, that gave me what… 5 months to prepare and take a wild guess how prepared I am.  Just take stab at it.

Like zero percent.  As in the room is not ready.  Forget about the room, the crib is not ready.  The car seat is still somewhere in the basement.  Or garage.  Or my in-laws.  Nor do I have even the most basic things like diapers, diaper creams, bottles, baby food, wipes… oh I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

The most pressing stuff currently is the dozens of gifts we have to bring which also gives me a headache when I think about it.  Would you like to see the list?

1st foster mom
1st foster dad
2nd foster mom
2nd foster dad
foster sis 1
foster sis 2
social worker 1
social worker 2
doctor 1
doctor 2
group gift for office staff
tour guide (maybe)
a couple of extra gifts in case we missed someone
gifts for family like my uncle who’s going to take time off to come up and see us, aunts, etc
PLUS, donations to the agency like rice cereal and diaper creams are needed A LOT.

I think these things alone will fill up an entire suitcase.

The next pressing problem is that being a horrible mom, I have not sent a care package to Peanut. Not when we accepted and not for her 1st birthday that’s coming up. Now I’m debating whether we send the package or not. I was going to send photos of us and a recordable book with our voices months ago so that we would be familiar to her.  Oh well!

The third problem is that Peanut is still Peanut. We cannot agree on a name. Everyone keeps asking and we’re like yeah, no clue.

If anyone wants to chime in with an opinion here’s the entire list. Some names have already been eliminated, but I thought I would just add them all.


So, I had hoped to get back to writing some recipes but that’s quickly fading. Next week’s posts will most likely be all about getting ready for Korea and me crumbling/stressing/panicking about it.


3 thoughts on “Not Ready For Travel Call

  1. Don’t you ever say you are a horrible mom, I have finally met your daughter and know very well that is not even close to the truth! Some advice from an older mom, don’t sweat what you didn’t do, just concentrate on the stuff that has to be done for the trip-the gifts for your list and what you will need to bring for your baby until you bring her home. You have a lifetime to spoil her, celebrate her birthdays, decorate her room and most of all to love her! Hope she won’t be 7 by the time I get to meet her. How about Theresa- Marie (or Maria) after your and David’s Moms. (That’s just my thought I won’t feel bad if you pass on the suggestion.) I know I am far away but if I can do anything–please let me know.

    1. Aw… Thanks Mrs. Iessi. Of course I appreciate any advice. Sometimes it is so hard not to compare yourself to these other incredibly organized parents who’ve done everything and been ready for months… but I hear you. These things are the small stuffs in the end. I hope she’s not 7 either!

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