What’s For Dinner, #10 or 12?

This it the 12th week from when I started writing up my weekly menu, but this is only the 10th menu I’m posting.  So, which should it be?

It is hard to get back into the swing of things when your whole life’s changed and about to change further.  I know that food has become a second priority when I’m eating ramen noodles for two days in a row.  I love ramen noodles, but it ain’t exactly healthy.  The sodium alone will kill ya no matter that I use only half the packet.

Here’s my menu, in no particular order because I don’t know what I’m making tonight let alone rest of the week.  I just know that I’m making one of these dinner one of these nights.

– veggie burger/sweet potato fries/salad

– pasta w/asparagus

– quinoa w/kale

– tortellini and broccoli rabe salad

– spicy tofu stew w/rice

– fish taco

Let’s see how many of these meals I make considering that I still have a whole lot of shopping to do for the big trip!


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