Having Trouble Focusing, Need to Take a Break

I am the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.  I’m running around like crazy, but with very little focus.  Therefore, I’m not getting much done.  My heads full of too many things and my usually trusty list method isn’t working.

I’m trying to focus on gifts for the adoption people, gifts for my own family that I haven’t seen in decades, shopping for the baby, getting the room/house ready, looking into travel stuff, thinking of what to pack, thinking about whether to get a toddler carrier or not, wondering when we’ll get the travel call, wondering about Easter and how I’m going to get a basket together for Soso before Sunday and get eggs ready to hide, wondering what we’ll wear for Sunday, and a dozen more stuff.  They are all bouncing in my head and I just can’t focus.

I wish there was a Fairy Godmother who could with a swish of her wand take care of most of this stuff.  Or I wish my organized self would start kicking in.  I’m usually not this scatter-brained.

Needless to say many things are falling by the wayside.  I realized that the cooking portion of this blog will have to be on indefinite hold.

I may have to stop the 365 Project.  I’m not caught up on posting photos and I’ve had to skip a day here and there.  Plus, I’m not taking quality photos.

I feel sad about these things, but at least I’m answerable only to myself.  Thank goodness I don’t have a huge group of readers!

Still, if you do happen to read my blog and you are disappointed with the recent and on going content, I’m sorry.  I need to give myself a break from the goals I had set for myself. Meaning, possibly no recipe posts for a while and the focus of this blog moving towards parenting and motherhood. 

But if you’re patient with me, I’m sure the food stuff will make its way back.  I still have to cook so perhaps events will align themselves once in a while where I cook something new, remember to take a photo and have time to write it up.


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