Slowly Losing My Mind

I feel like my due date has passed and I’m about 3 days late.  I’m jumping at any signs of labor.  Except instead of contractions, the labor signs are the phone ringing.  Instead of the doctor telling me that I’m only at 7 cm, the embassy staff is telling me, they still don’t have the P3 packet and no visa interview has been scheduled.

Seriously, what’s up?  The two family, on our time line, one who was exactly the same as us with Class B waiver got their travel calls yesterday (they are leaving Thursday and Friday respectively) and we still don’t even have the interview scheduled?  Why oh why oh why oh why?

I can’t focus.  I can’t sit still.  I’m jittery like I’m on something.  I feel uncomfortable in my body, just like I’m 9 months and 3 days late.  I just want to crawl out of my own skin.  I want to throw a terrible two tantrum, right in middle of my work, drumming heels and all.  I want to scream out loud.  I want to shake someone.  I want to do anything that will stop this incredible discomfort (so not even adequate a word) of my mind, body and soul.

Oh. Help. Me. Lord. Please.


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