VI! VI! VI! Visa Interview!!!

Finally!!!  Peanut had her visa interview yesterday and of course, yesterday afternoon, I decided not to harass the embassy.

I’m counting the hours.  We’re 3 hour ahead of Oregon so I’ll be glued to my chair starting 11 AM in case their office opens at 8 AM.  Come on travel call!!!!!

Even if the travel call doesn’t come today, I feel such a huge relief that we’re one step close.

Holy cow, now I really have to start seriously packing! 

Hard to believe that I could be on an airplane in a few days to go back to the country that I was born but haven’t been back in almost 30 years to pick up my daughter.  I wish my mom was here to experience all of this with me.


3 thoughts on “VI! VI! VI! Visa Interview!!!

  1. So glad I checked to see if you had any updates!!! SO EXCITED for all of you!! And praying for that call!

    I truly believe your mom is with you through all of this 🙂

    Let us know if you need anything or any help, etc. I’m soooo excited!!!

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