Easter Photos

We try to take a family photo Christmas and Easter.  It is kind of fun to look back over the years to see how we’ve changed.  When we looked at the photos for the pre-cana talk, we realized that we needed some new Christmas and Easter clothes.  At least D and I, Soso always has a new dress because… well, she insists on growing every year!

Anyway, I didn’t get a new dress for me, but I had one that hadn’t been featured on an Easter photo yet. I made sure to get D a new shirt and tie.

Unfortunately, the weather was icky, the really pretty pink cherry blossoms were fading and we were in a hurry.

110.365 Happy Easter

I don’t know why, but we have a slightly frowney face on all of them.

We tried again at the front of the house and while I was making changes to the exposure setting this is what I caught.





D and S goofing. They have such a great relationship. I wonder if Peanut will change the dynamics at all.

I wish I had been able to get the 1st photo at the right exposure… so fun!


Family photo, take 2. Still frowney faces! I don’t know what it was.


We decided to try a goofy photo, but I didn’t make mine in time. They were too impatient to try for another so this is all we have. Happy belated Easter!


3 thoughts on “Easter Photos

  1. I think they are lovely photos. Shows your dynamic as a family. Next Easter, they’ll be another one in the photo!

  2. nice pictures!
    i try so hard to get a family picture. i am just happy if we are all looking at the camera,
    forget the smiles.

  3. Love the photos – each and every one of them. We’re another family that never even looks in the direction of the camera at the same time. 😉

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