Post Adoption Week 1 Summary

We survived the first week. Five more weeks to go before I hope to see a glimmer of light. The six weeks is arbitrary. It could be less and it could be more, but it is always good to have an objective, no?

This week was not helped by Peanut having a bad cold. I mean she hates having her face/nose wiped, diaper changed, etc so an illness that adds to that is like a torture on all of us,

Still, we survived.

This summarizes our week:

7, days in a week
6, days I cried in a row
5, the number of diarrhea Peanut had
4, doctor related visits P cried through
3, the number of meltdowns we had, 2 from me, 1 from D
2, the number of meals I sort of cooked. More like food that was cooked so it was no long raw. I wouldn’t call them a real meal or anything.
1, the first of many desperate phone calls I am likely to make to friend Jane
0, the number of time I went without a shower. That’s a vast improvement from when S was a baby! Nothing like a nice hot shower to give me a reboot, even if I’m covered in snot an hour later.


One thought on “Post Adoption Week 1 Summary

  1. quite often i am the first to volunteer to go to the grocery store so i can escape and i find myself sitting in the parking lot listening to the radio so that i can have a little peace.
    my showers are never peaceful because i usually have kids playing in the bathroom and i have to open the shower door to help them with something or stop a fight!
    see…you are not alone.

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