Post Adoption Week 2 Summary

Two weeks down, four more weeks to go to my arbitrary six weeks goal.  While I feel still very much in “survival” mode, there has been a glimmer of progress.

This summarizes our week:

  • no more diarrhea (yay!), but still has the cold (boo!)
  • first giggle when I tickled her under the arms, but not since.  Thank goodness Soso was a witness otherwise, D wouldn’t believe me.
  • acclimated to stroller and car seat
  • exploring the house more, meaning she’s getting comfortable (yay!) but now she’s causing trouble like trying to climb up stairs, trying to get into the garbage cabinet and other cabinets (boo!)
  • still hates diaper changing but can be distracted with food
  • still HATES baths, can’t be distracted at all
  • doesn’t eat much solid anything, but loves her Puffs
  • playing more with Big Sister
  • comes to me readily but still wants D when upset
  • had a moment when I thought, OK, I can do this then promptly had another meltdown… but at least it was only one!
  • slept through 1 night
*I started writing this post on Friday, and amazing how a bad day can just sink a person.  I’ve gone from feeling slightly hopeful to feeling utterly hopeless in a matter of 24 hours.  So, the bad news is that it is Monday and I have already had one meltdown for week 3.

3 thoughts on “Post Adoption Week 2 Summary

  1. Celebrate the victories, there were a few, and forget the setbacks (they too will pass!) I am willing to bet there will be lots more to celebrate!

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