The Chocolate Diet

I had a totally different post for today, but it was depressing and who wants to read something depressing? Suffice to say that I’m definitely on a rollercoaster ride and on the precipice of a real depression. I’m doing something about it.

On to a lighter topic, the chocolate diet on which I lost about 7 – 8 pounds. But first some disclosures. This “diet” was an inadvertent result of adopting a 12 month old child from Korea who is grieving and all the stresses related to it. I do not recommend this diet as a healthy nor a permanent way to lose weight. I do not guarantee same results with or without similar circumstances in your life.

It all started after we came home from Korea. We didn’t have much food in the house, the time to shop properly or to cook. We scraped by on some food from the neighbor and some stuff from the freezer and the pantry cobbled together. May be it was the sub-par food or the stress and lack of sleep, or the roller coaster emotions, but I just lost my appetite.

By the second week, we had better meals, but I still lacked appetite. I wasn’t eating regularly and I wasn’t eating much. Then, I saw the bunny.

106.365 Uh oh.

The one that clearly said with his eye, “Please don’t eat me”?

Normally, he would have gotten his wish. As much as I was touched and grateful to receive him, the reality is that we are not huge chocolate consumers.  He is a large bunny (the photo doesn’t do justice to his size) and we would have felt bad only taking a bite and wasting the rest.


Instead, he would have sat there, unconsumed for months until he eventually got tossed due to old age. This is just what happens to large chocolate bunnies in our house.

Well, one day after having no appetite for dinner again, I happen to see him. May be I needed to taste something good again. May be I was feeling a bit evil. But, I saw his pleading eyes, said a quick sorry and broke off his ears and ate them. In one sitting. I never consume that much chocolate, milk chocolate at that in one sitting.

But, boy did it taste good! My tongue felt alive again.

So, I’ve been eating the bunny every night for the past 10 days and lo and behold, I’ve been steadily losing weight. At first, I thought my jeans were loose due to stretching. But I got on the scale this morning and I went from 118 pounds three weeks ago to 110.

It’s been great! I’m fitting into these two pairs of size 2 pants I bought optimistically a few years ago, that I haven’t been able to wear without displaying the dreaded muffin tops. I’m able to walk around without permanently sucking in my gut.

If only this was a real diet and a real weight loss. My appetite for real food will come back eventually. I love food too much for it be gone forever.  For now I’m desperately trying to figure out how I can keep the weight off until the summer is over.

Option 1, continue to eat a little food and subsist on chocolate. Pro – easy to do. Plus, I’m appreciating milk chocolate like I’ve never appreciate it before. Con – I’m not getting the essential nutrients required for a healthy body.

Option 2, add exercise to my routine. Pro – healthy body. Con – hard to fit in unless it is at 5 AM or 9 PM.

I don’t know. This is a tough decision. Continue to eat tasty chocolate or get up at the crack of dawn, bone weary to go run. Hm… what is a girl to do?


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