What’s For Dinner, #14

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you have no idea what you’ll be eating from day-to-day? This week is one of those week and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last for a while.

Life is a little confusing right now.

The sad this is, I’m pretty sure I made a menu. D went food shopping based on a list and I usually make the list off a menu.

Like I said, confusing.

The only meals I know are the ones already consumed. Sunday was left-overs from Friday of last week. Yesterday was yellow rice and chicken flautas from Costco. By the way, Costco chicken flautas are a life-saver. You can throw them in the freezer for a rainy day. Figuratively speaking that is… and they cook fast when you need a meal in a hurry.

S – left-overs

M – yellow rice and chicken flautas from Costco w/salad

T – Salmon and white rice w/ steamed broccoli

W – left-overs?

T – take-out pizza since this is the crazy Daisy/Tennis night

F – ? frozen pizza/ramen?

S – ? frozen pizza/ramen?

Whenever we’re really stuck for a meal, D’s answer is always frozen pizza and mine’s always ramen. Sad, huh? If one of us can get to the store, we could throw in veggie burger as another option.


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