What’s For Dinner, #15

Sunday was horrible.  Just when you think you see a light… I guess my optimistic post was a little premature.

Anyway, I can’t even write about that anymore.  It is too depressing.

I feel like eating out every night, but that wouldn’t be economical.  To make my life easier, I took 2 packages of ground turkey and added ingredients for meatballs.  But divided the mixture to make burger patties and meatballs for two different kind of meals.

S – left-overs

M – turkey burger

T – spaghetti with /turkey meatballs

W – Tofu/rice

T – left-overs

F – pizza

S – no idea


2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner, #15

  1. Good for you in putting together a weekly meal plan….even if there’s a day or 2 you’re not sure about! I’ve never been able to think that far ahead, but boy there are days when I wish I had a plan!

    This past month I’ve been reflecting on a verse from a calendar my German grandparents sent me years ago. This verse has brought me encouragement, even as I think back on a very dark period in my life when I struggled with depression: “Ob Blumen Dir am Wege blühen, ob Wetter Deine Tage treibt, Lass diesen Trost im Herzen glühen, dass Gottes Liebe bei Dir bleibt.” Translated, it means:

    “Whether flowers bloom for you along the way,
    whether stormy weather clouds your days,
    Let this comfort in your heart glow:
    that God’s love with you remains.”

    May this truth glimmer and glow for you today too!

    1. Thanks Erica… I need every little bit of hope and good wishes. I’m going to print this out so I can read it every day as a reminder.

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