A Very Important Question That Has been Plaguing Me

I know y’all are like dying for another post about post adoption journey and my possible post adoption depression.  With bated breath I’m sure.


I have to interrupt the posts of doom with something very important that has been plaguing me for months.  Really years.  Hence the title.

But first a disclosure.  This is kind of TMI (too much information folks) about my body so stop reading if you’re not ready to go there.

I know I didn’t give you any warning about TMI about my mind, but I figured you all deserve a break.

Ready to go on?

Are you sure?

Are you ready?

Can you handle the truth????

So, cutting to the chase…

Seriously, can you handle it?

Last chance to close out of the post or hit back.

OK.  Deep breath.

I have underarm hair.  Ack.  I can’t believe I just wrote that for all of the world to read.

It probably isn’t a lot, but I live in a country/culture where we’re obsessed with removing any hair that isn’t on our heads.  I used to just shave them off, but as I get older I’m getting more sensitive and more prone to razor bumps.

So, my very important questions is what method do you use to remove underarm hair?  If you shave, is there a trick to minimizing the bumps?  If you wax, is there a trick to not having an utter disaster?  Um because home waxing + me = disaster. Perhaps use a professional?

Any suggestions welcome,

Hairy Armpit


One thought on “A Very Important Question That Has been Plaguing Me

  1. hehehe, this makes me smile! i have just stuck with shaving. i tried waxing once but it just didn’t get all the hair like i hoped it would…and it did cause some bleeding where the hairs pulled out (guess my underarms are more sensitive than my legs!) another worry about waxing is that the hairs will grow back as in-grown hairs. it would be cool to know if there was something gentle yet effective that is better than either of these 2 methods!

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