What’s For Dinner, #16

On Friday, D went to Costco for our now weekly purchase of chicken flautas and for the ginormous box of diapers.  We dabbled with the more normal sized boxes of 90 – 100 counts, but after going through 3 boxes in one month, we realized that we could safely buy the like 300 count box.  In fact, we dared to buy two!  Peanut goes through a ton of diapers and she’s not sizing out any time soon.

Of course no trip to Costco is complete without at least one impulse buy.  Those dang samples get us every time when we have a picky eater. Back when Soso was a picky eater, we would buy anything she sampled with the hope that she would eat it at home.  I can’t tell you all the crazy stuff we bought that we’ve never bought since.  More likely than not, she wouldn’t eat them again.  One time I tried to fool her by serving the foods sample style, bite-sized with a toothpick.  Yeah no, it didn’t work.

D got suckered into buying, get this, Crazy Cuizine Korean Style BBQ Chicken because Peanut who hardly eats anything let alone meat, ate the chicken sample.  Now we have a Costco size box of Crazy Chicken in the freezer. I hope it taste good enough for the rest of us to eat.  Because based on our experience with S, Peanut will never eat the chicken again.

If that wasn’t enough, D also bought a gigantic bag of sweet potato chips.  Mind you, he also bought an equally gigantic bag of pita chips that’s been our summer snack staple for years. His reasoning?  Peanut likes Sweet Potato Puffs and she likes corn chips, therefore she will like sweet potato chips. Logical, right?  Like we couldn’t just feed her the pita chips?  Or just stick with the Puffs.

Now we have two enormous bags of chips that we will not finish before they go stale.  It’s like we have to have a get-together just to get rid of some chips.

Anyway, all this to say, this week’s menu is partly influenced by Costco and partly by lack of inspiration at all.

The menu we came up on Saturday night was:

  • Crazy Cuizine Korean Style BBQ Chicken, rice, string beans
  • Masoor Dal w/naan, veg to be determined
  • Black Beans and rice, veg tbd
  • Hotdogs, sweet potato chips with peach and mango salsa, salad
  • The go-to chicken flautas w/yellow rice

Then yesterday at the supermarket, yellow peppers were on sale and I had a craving for the Mediterranean Pepper Salad.  I love this salad.  I’m so grateful that I came across the recipe on Smitten Kitchen two years ago.  If you like peppers, if you like salty tangy stuff, if you like olives, you must try this salad.  Seriously so good.  I can make a meal of it with some nice chewy bread.

But D needs some kind of protein so I bought my other recent go-to food, roasted chicken breast.  I had a head of cauliflowers from last week.  So this week’s dinner menu is now:

S – roasted chicken, mashed cauliflowers, pepper salad

M – Black beans and rice, pepper salad

T – left-over chicken, etc

W – Hotdogs, sweet potato chips w/peach salsa (b/c in all my excitement over the peppers, I forgot to buy a mango)

T – Crazy Cuizine Chicken, rice, string beans

F – Masoor Dal w/naan

S – left-overs

This was my first time making mashed cauliflowers.  I didn’t like the recipes calling for cream cheese so I came up with my own.  I need to tweak it before posting because I added too much liquid and it was a little on the thin side.


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