Post Adoption Week 6 – Mid Week Update

Peanut is sleeping better. Actually, much better than Soso ever did at this age.  She likes me and when I can make her laugh, I think, one of these days I’ll fall in love with her.  Now, if only she’ll eat more and cry less.

Last night we did an unintended experiment.  I stayed home with Peanut for 1.5 hours while D took S to swim practice.  (It was raining with possible thunderstorm and there was a parent meeting.)  I’m supposed to have a safety valve, but I thought I could handle it. You see, I had plans.  If things got bad, I would leave Peanut in a safe place and walk out of the room, or call Baker Mom or go over to my neighbor or just go outside with Peanut.  So, I risked it.

Her crying still triggers that crazy buzzing in my head.  It is strange even to me that I have almost like an allergic reaction to her crying.  It is immediate and uncontrollable.  Anyway, it happened while I was changing her diaper.  I took a calm breath and started tickling her belly with my head, a little awkward to do while changing the diaper, but she giggled and got calm.  Crisis avoided.

One hour into the experiment, she realized that D was missing and started crying and looking for him.  At this point, we just went outside and walked around the block until D came home.  She calmed down as soon as we were outside.  Crisis avoided again.

D finally came home and usually, in this kind of situation, she immediately cries and reaches for him.  She stayed in my arms acting all cool, little faker.

Why the experiment?  Because next week, D has to go for CPR training as part of his coaching duties.  With travel, I’ll have to take care of Peanut for4.5 – 5 hours.  Hopefully, she’ll nap at least an hour and I can have my in-laws come over.  But D has to leave by 7 AM so there’s at least an hour or so where I’ll have to cope.  Soso will be with me, but these days, she’s not always a help. The novelty of having a baby sister has definitely worn off.

Eight days to prepare for it.  Eight days to make more plans.  Eight days to hope and pray that things will work out.  Because the 1.5 hours felt more like 3.  I’m thinking 4.5 hours will feel like forever.


3 thoughts on “Post Adoption Week 6 – Mid Week Update

    1. That’s really sweet. If you weren’t like 3 hours away, I would take you up on your offer, just so I get to see you. I have a friend that’s 3 mins away who will be on stand by as well as my FIL and SIL will come by when they are awake. Thanks so much for the offer!

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