Some Soso Updates

If my recent blog posts are anything to go by, one would think that nothing else is going on in our lives aside from adoption transition.  The fact is that lots of things have been happening.

Well,  to Soso.

Last, last, last Sunday, she tried out for the summer swim team and got in.  Practice began immediately on Monday and she’s been swimming 45 minutes a day 4 – 5 times a week.

Last, last Saturday, Soso ended her spring soccer season with a winning game.  Woo hoo!

Last Saturday, Soso had her first swim meet, albeit inter-league scrimmage.

Get ready.



Get set.




For her first race, she swam the butterfly for 25m.


Her second was freestyle for another 25m.


We’re so proud of her. This Saturday is a meet with another team.

Last thing, Tuesday was the last day of first grade. Soso is going to be a second grader and I just can not get over it.


2 thoughts on “Some Soso Updates

  1. Thank you for sharing and reflecting on the other wonderful events in your life. Impressive to make swim team at a young age. Hard to believe that both Soso and Boy from PA (shall we call him that?) are big 2nd graders. Remember when they were just toddlers at KC?

  2. Kenna is on the swim team, too, and her schedule is crazy! The plus side is, she has improved dramatically….hang in there, toots; it *will* get easier…..the crazy will remain in various forms, but it will be easier to deal with.


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