Post Adoption Week 8 Summary

If anyone has been keeping track, I’ve been having a meltdown about every two weeks since we’ve been home.

We hit the 2 week mark without a meltdown.  Plus, it was a long weekend!  Woo hoo!!!

Not that I’m going to be complacent, but it certainly is progress.

The week went by without too much incident.  We had a pretty good day at a local amusement park.  Friday, we even went out for dinner that our priest hosted as a thank you to all the pre-cana volunteers.  That was an utter disaster in terms of being able to eat peacefully at a restaurant with Peanut.  It was a success in terms of me being able to take Peanut home at 7:30 by myself to put her down to sleep and D getting some time to eat dinner peacefully with adults.

Saturday afternoon, I took the girls to the pool while D worked outside.  I guess this is turning into a routine.  We met up with Baker Dad and Baker Boy, aka Boy C and the Nice Family (for a lack of better pseudonym) who are becoming good friends.  Nice Dad saw me alone with the girls and commented, “I guess D’s mowing?”

While I was hanging out in the pool with the other Dads, Peanut fell asleep.  Yup, in the water.  Too funny!  This happened to D, but I thought it was going to be a one-time freak incident.  Peanut winded up sleeping over an hour in my arms.

When D finally came to the pool, my arms were numb.  D took over holding Peanut (she must have been really tired because she didn’t wake up with the transfer) and I got to hang out with the other moms.

I had such a good time hanging out with the other families that when I found out that no one had 4th of July plans, I invited both for lunch.  More on that later…

We thought Sunday was going to be a bad day.  I woke up tired and just completely dragging.  Of course, Peanut starts shrieking as soon as she sees Soso (oh, yes we figured out that Soso is the main shriek trigger, happy or mad).  At church, Peanut was fussy and all over the place.  By the time we got to the supermarket, she was a nightmare.

Then, I got a small cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts and the infusion of caffeine into my bloodstream did wonders to my energy level and psyche.

By the time we were driving home, I told D that I was feeling completely green, in spite of the bad morning and Peanut crying in the car seat.

After lunch, Soso went to a friend’s house for 2.5 hours and we had 2.5 hours of peace and quiet with Peanut.

Monday’s lunch was a success!  I think, anyway.  We were planning to go to the pool after lunch, but we never left the house.  Baker Boy and Nice Girl were so into playing with Peanut, almost as if she were a toy.  So much so that at one point, Soso asked if anyone wanted to play with her.

I would never have guessed I would be entertaining guests at 8 weeks.  I wouldn’t have thought at 3 months.  May be not even at 6.  I was greatly helped by both Baker Mom and Nice Mom bringing some dishes.  Nice Dad helped D grill… Actually, I think he winded up grilling all the meats.  Of course we had way too much food as usual.  The only thing I forgot were the drinks.  I’m never good at remembering the drinks!

Anyway, today I’m utterly exhausted, but I haven’t been this content in a long time. Thanks to good friends making life a little easier and finally, finally feeling just a little bit normal.

Some updates on Peanut:

  • blows kisses
  • comfortable with other kids
  • regressed a little with adults because D made a mistake and left Peanut with his dad while she was napping… she woke up and was terrified.
  • sleeps mostly through the nights for about 9 hours
  • likes Goldfish
  • walks 100% of the time
  • sees me as a comfort person, unless with D

By the way, just a shout out to Baker Dad and Nice Dad, not that Nice Dad will ever see this.  (Baker Mom, you’re welcome to share this with Baker Dad.)  They are both such likable guys.  The moms are likable, too, but obviously I wouldn’t be friends with the families at all unless they were.  Having the dads be personable people I can talk to is an added bonus.  Sometimes the dads are nice, but hard to talk to, you know?


2 thoughts on “Post Adoption Week 8 Summary

  1. it’s amazing what adult company can do for your mental health! i never realize it until after the fact like…wow i needed to be around some other adults!

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