Nifty Fifty Lens

I finally bought the 50mm f/1.8 lens I’ve been coveting for a while and that I formally put on a wish list back in January.

I bought it mostly to take better food photos. You know to get that lovely bokeh?

I was really excited about testing the lens out on the potato salad on Monday and finally posting a new recipe on my family-cum-food-cum-motherhood-cum-life-cum-the kitchen sink blog. Well, my total and utter lack of skillz in preparing food ahead of time and being all Martha Stewart ready for guests got in the way.

So, I test on family and friends. Oh yeah, the nifty fifty is good on portraits as well. Not that I bought it for that… my priority is all messed up, right?

Peanut in all her grubby cuteness.


Baker Dad, looking all cool in his shades.


Baker Mom, looking cool in her shades.


Papa, looking retro-cool in his funky yellow shades.


Do you see the bokeh in the background? Do you??? It is why I bought the lens.

No? Here’s a better example of what a 50mm can do.  See how the trees in the background have a lovely blur?


Unfortunately, I really have no idea what I’m doing. I tried to take a group photo and I had to step back really, really, really far to fit everyone in.


Do you switch lens? Was it okay that I just stuck with the 50 and stepped way back? I so wish I had better photography skills.

With the 50, I have to figure out the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO all over again. I mean the principle is the same, but the 50 opens as wide as 1.8. So, with a 1.8, I can have faster shutter speed. May be I can get better lower light action shots?

I have to keep remembering that it is a fixed focal length as well.  None of this is intuitive with me and the gears move very slow in my brain.

Anyway, a few more photos from the Monday fun.

Nice Girl A loves Peanut.


Soso finally got some time with her own friends.


Look at her cheesing!


I have a few more photos, but I got tired of editing out the faces. I haven’t asked permission to post photos of the Nice Family yet.

Here are some test shots the yesterday.

Please ignore that the lettuce and tomato is on the wrong side. I was testing the lens and not going for presentation!


Whatchu you doing Mama?


Oh, taking photos? Cheese…


You’re like paparazzi Mama.


Okay, I’m done. I’m going to read again.


I saw her eyelashes and tried to get a close-up. I kinda like it.


Obviously, I have a lot to learn and need to practice, practice and practice. I can’t continue the 365, but I may try the 52 week project to give me some focus.


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