Post Adoption Week 9 Summary

I can’t believe we’ve been home 9 weeks.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when 6 weeks, let alone 9  seemed impossible to reach.

Well, I survived another week without drama.  3 weeks in a row.  Can I get an “Amen!”?

While D is still number 1 in Peanut’s eyes, I’m firmly in number 2.  While the distance between 1 and 2 is far, as long as D’s not within her sight, Peanut is very comfortable with me.

For example, we had a funeral to attend on Friday (another friend’s mom passed from cancer, one month from diagnosis).  We went in separate cars because I was going from work. Peanut fell asleep in D’s car during the ride.  I sat with her while D attended the Mass.  When Peanut woke up and saw just me, she was fine.  Whereas when this happened 2 weeks home, she freaked.  Whereas when this happened with Papa last week, she freaked.

Yesterday, we pushed the envelope a bit unintentionally.  We went to the state fair and it was hot.  In retrospect, it was not the best place to go with Peanut.  Plus, being way too hot to boot.  Anyway, Peanut got hysterical at one point and I almost got to red, but then I calmed down naturally a minute later.  All while holding her and soothing her.  Something I wasn’t capable of doing a very short time ago.

Some update on Peanut:

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